Tschechische Polizei

Realtime Crime Mapping

This contribution mainly discusses about the building up the spatial data infrastructure in the Police of the Czech republic, where are primarily put emphasis on practical demos from our practise . These activities have been started around 2011 when our ICT was facing the troubles related to absent precise spatial informations. Police of the Czech republic has got the raw spatial data for free and the most of our data has straight relation with location and time, nevertheless before 2011 we spent appreciable budget on updating maps and the most of our information systems had no accurate locations. Usage of spatial databases, fast internal web map services or support of police activities in field of public safety with mobile devices usage in that time was something like scifi. Thanks to specific character of data in field of law enforcement and limited budget determinated for new technologies after world crisis in 2008 we knew the very costly outsourcing services of these technologies is not ideal solution for our organisation. We had to build GIS of the Police of the Czech republic from available resources. Primarily we have focused on establishing a specialized department which is based mostly on open-source software and technical skills of our human resources. It mean that we had to build up not only the technical infrastructure but also the experiences and specialized human resources which are the most important cause of our present-day level. Mainly on the basis of knowledge and experiences of our people we are able to live up to expectations of our users. The most important advantage of this philosophy is flexibility and ability to react very fast to user requirements.
We register more than 4 thousands of unique users of our products (meaning apps, web services, printed maps etc) per day. We provide spatial data support for our control command centers, criminal police including our special agencies, police units in fieldwork via services which are provided by mobile devices and even we are developing our own apps. With hindsight more than five years of work for Police of the Czech Republic, we can pronounce contentment that our services are very popular which is undoubtedly big obligation for us.

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