How Police is transforming into 21st century

New York Police Dept. & Microsoft

Police in the 21st century is transforming toward mobile enabled policing, effective and informed command and dispatch to units and case handling in support of both offender, victim and stakeholders in support of investigation and court management. These transformations require extended capabilities and integration of sensors both on the units as well as by effective use of video asset management platforms and open source intelligence. Many police organizations in Europe are preparing for this transformation. By positioning trends in the Unites States like New York Police Departement and illustrate this with programs for innovation within Europe, Microsoft will present a trend of programs of transformation which illustrate how police is transforming to the 21st century. After the introduction we would show, how integrated command and dispatch is supported by automated real time intelligence for better information at the command center to disseminate to the units at the New York Police Departement. Within this context we would focus on three trends we identify in Europe which will transform police operations:

  • Effective case management in support of better intelligence and investigation and drive an integrated Justice process
  • Mobile policing and how this will affect the units in the field with better information and automated reporting
  • Intelligence platform in which sensors from many sources are aggregated as an intelligence platform spanning body worn cameras aswell as CCTV and ANPR.

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