BigData to make your city safe


Stratumseind in the City of Eindhoven is a pub street. With 300 meters long and 50 pubs it is the most visited locations in Eindhoven, sometimes by 15000 people per night. Stratumseind is not an unsafe place, but the number of incidents reported is too high. Analyzing the information of cameras with special algorithms detecting anomalies and behaviors (not face recognition), counting  the number of people going in and leaving the street, analyzing in the same way the sound and social media constantly provides a good view on what can be expected to happen at Stratumseind in real-time. Analyzing BigData captured through sensors at Stratumseind lead to alerts in the video surveillance room of the Police indicating the camera that should be looked at. This way a trained officer can focus his attention and decide what action is needed.
City of Eindhoven declared Stratumseind a Living lab and established DITSS a public private partnership between the City, the Police, the pub owners, universities and technology companies to develop and test technology to reduce the number of incidents and create an even more attractive place in the city.

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